Maintenance at First Presbyterian is an everyday process. It is headed up by the Administrator Tommy Hall and Sexton Louis Foye. With the considerable help of congregational volunteers, including the Yardbirds, the facilities and grounds are maintained.

Calling All Yardbirds
Spring is here, and it’s time to clean up our camp us for Easter and the upcoming spring events. Join us Friday, April 4th and Saturday, April 5th. We’ll be doing general clean-up, pruning, and trimming throughout the grounds (no manse this time). Also, now that we have the new playground, we should make sure that it remains clean and free of any “foreign” objects. Bring your gloves, rakes and power tools to make the job easier. Bring your appetite too and join us for a hearty breakfast that will be served at 8:30AM on both days. Call Alan Ryder at 636-0197 for more details.