Adult Christian Ed Schedule

            Adult Education Opportunities
Fall Quarter 2014-Begins September 7
Sundays 9:40AM to 10:40AM
1 – Mary Bryan Hollister Class/Teacher: Nancy Chiles/SHP
2 – Journey Through the Old Testament/Teachers: Stacey
Griffith and Marcia Luhrs/SHM
We will begin by traveling through the Old Testament lands and
stories with the Bruce Feiler DVD series. See the September
Newsletter for more information on our planned guest speakers!
3 –Your God is Too Small/Teacher: Brent Schlottman/MC 2.26
This fall class will discuss attributes of God, ways of
learning about God, and how to connect more deeply with a God
big enough for our world and our lives. Book: Your God is Too
Small by J.B. Phillips. Check out the September newsletter for a
list of visiting facilitators that will conduct the class.
4-Koinonia/Teachers: Lydia Finlayson & Cathy Warren/MC
Join us as we explore the book What’s So Amazing about
Grace, by Phillip Yancey (This book is available in the Church
office for $10)
5-Connections Class/Teachers: Whitney Bayer and Seth
Smith/MC 1.27

Adult Mid-Week

Education Opportunities

Women’s Bible Study
WBS Begins its fall quarter Monday, Sept. 8, 7PM in the
Session House Parlor where they will begin the book, A Faith of
Your Own: Naming What You Really Believe by Ronald J. Allen.
The book is available in the Church Office for $12. Please feel
free to join us, even if you’ve never attended bible study before!

Men’s Bible Study
Beginning Thursday, Sept. 11th at 8AMChip Chagnon will resume the History of Christianity, using Luke Timothy Johnson’s DVD series. We’ll meet in the Session House just like last year. Please feel free to join us if you haven’t had a chance to before!

Centering Prayer
Beginning September 24, this group meets Wednesdays
from noon to 1PM in the Chapel led by Lloyd Griffith. Centering
Prayer is not meant to replace other kinds of prayer; rather it casts
a new light and depth of meaning on them. It is at the same time
a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship.
For those with tight schedules, flexible attendance is fine. Join us
in nurturing this habit of prayer.

Contemplative Worship
Beginning September 24, this worship service will meet on
Wednesday evenings from 5:30PM to 6PM in the Chapel. This
service of prayers, hymns, meditation on scripture readings for the
coming Sunday and silence is a good mid-week break from the
many distractions to our attention in order to pause and reflect on
things of the Spirit.

Bereavement Group
This group led by Lloyd Griffith offers an opportunity for
anyone who has lost a mate, parent, child or close friend in the
last 5 years. We will navigate through some of the painful but
necessary passages of an excellent book by Therese A. Rando,
Ph.D. entitled How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies.
The first meeting will be Tues. Sept. 30th in the Ministry Center