Adult Christian Ed Schedule Spring 2015

Adult Education Opportunities Now thru May 31

1 – Mary Bryan Hollister Class/Teacher: Nancy Chiles/SHP

2 – Deepening Your Devotional Life: Drawing on the Experiences of the Mystics/Teacher: Dr. Christa Metzger/ MC 2.26 & 2.27 Let’s walk together on the paths of mystics, saints, preachers, and teachers who have gone before us during the past two centuries. What are their devotional practices that can help us to become more Christ-like in our daily lives? No book will be needed. Dr. Christa Metzger has prepared PowerPoint slides to help participants explore and discuss five timeless themes that lead to a transformative union with God’s spirit.

3- Jesus the King: Understanding the Life and Death of the Son of God (Part II: The Cross – The Purpose of Jesus) by Timothy Keller. Teacher: Dr. Wendy Moeller/ SHM We are doing a continuation of the book we did during the Spring of 2013, Timothy Keller’s exposition of Passion Week as reported in the second half of the Gospel of Mark. Two years ago when we did Part I – The King – The Identity of Jesus, the book had a different title. It was then called King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus. Join us to mark in a significant way this Lenten and Easter season, as Keller leads us through the Passion Week and its significance in our lives.

4-Connections Class/Teachers: Whitney Bayer and Seth Smith/MC 1.27.

Adult Mid-Week Opportunities

Women’s Bible Study – This Bible Study is every Monday evening at 7:00PM. We are studying Looking for Jesus by Virginia Stem Owens. Please join us each Monday night for discussion, fellowship, and growth. Devotional Journey through Lent This group will use the season of Lent to deepen our connection to the risen Christ. Using the text, Yes, And by Richard Rohr, we will open our eyes contemplatively to the myriad of ways that Divine Reality moves, inspires, and challenges. We gather Wednesdays from noon to 1PM in the Chapel. All are welcome.

Evening Prayer for Lent This worship service meets every Wed. evening from 5:30PM to 6PM in the Chapel. It is an opportunity to seek God’s will as we open ourselves to the revelation of Christ’s Spirit in the conflicts that form our Jerusalem. Please join us next Wednesday for our service of prayers, hymns and meditation on scripture readings for the coming Sunday.

Men’s Bible Study Each Thursday at 8AM we will continue to study Reformation and post-Reformation church history.