Adult Christian Ed Schedule

            Adult Education Opportunities Sunday School 9:40AM to 10:40AM

Winter Quarter Offering – Begins Dec. 7
1 – Mary Bryan Hollister Class/Teacher: Nancy Chiles/SHP2 – Learning To See As the Disciples.

Teacher: Lloyd Griffith.Room: MC Chapel. Using as our text The Naked Now by Richard Rohr, we will seek to put on the mind of Christ, seeing more in ordinary events and encounters. Learning to listen prayerfully for the joy that is already with us in places we never thought to look, our life’s story turns into a spiritual journey.

3 – Medical Ethics in the 21st Century. Teacher: Dr. Ken Wilkins. Book: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. (Session House) The course will start with a discussion of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, a poor, black woman whose cells were taken without her knowledge in 1951 and became one of the most important tools in medicine. We will move from
learning about human medical research to other topics in medical ethics. We ask that you read the book in advance to help facilitate discussion. Books are available in the Church Office for $11.

4-Koinonia/Teachers: L. Finlayson & C. Warren/MC 2.21

5-Connections Class/Teachers: Whitney Bayer and Seth
Smith/MC 1.27.

Adult Mid-Week

Education Opportunities

Advent Journey – Cleaning the Inside of the Cup
An Advent Group is being formed to support your intentions to be more spiritual in your preparing and seeking something more for Christmas. This group will meet four times,
on December 10, 17 and 23 for an hour at noon in the Chapel for reflection and discussion of our theme ‘Cleaning the Inside of the Cup’. This topic is taken from Jesus’ metaphor, “You clean the outside of the cup, and not the inside…whereas if you clean
the inside—the outside takes care of itself” (Matthew 23:25 – 26).
Lloyd Griffith will facilitate the use of YES, AND by Richard Rohr for our daily meditations as we seek to renew and expand our openness and readiness for the incarnation of Christ’s Spirit. Advent Journey – Cleaning the Inside of the Cup

Women’s Bible Study Women’s Bible Study After this Monday, we will be on Christmas break until Jan 5th.

Men’s Bible Study
Beginning Thursday, Dec. 4 at 8AM Chip Chagnon will resume the History of Christianity, using Luke Timothy Johnson’s DVD series. We’ll meet in the Session House just like last year. Please feel free to join us if you haven’t had a chance to before!

Contemplative Worship
This worship service meets every Wed. evening from 5:30PM to 6PM in the Chapel. This service of prayers, hymns, meditation on scripture readings for the coming Sunday and silence is a good mid-week break from the many distractions to our attention in order to pause and reflect on things of the Spirit.