Cantate Domino! Sing to the Lord!

First Pres ChoirThe Music Ministry at First Pres seeks to provide uplifting music for the worship services of the church, and, in the training of the choirs (youth and adult) to pursue excellence:

  • The best singing tone
  • Accuracy in notes and rhythm
  • Most importantly, good diction.

These are the technical aspects of singing. The emotional aspects of singing are even more important: musical phrasing and expression of the meaning of the text.

The extraordinary choir is usually made up of ordinary singers — Father William Finn

Pat K. Rowlett, our Director of Music, says, “No matter their age, many have expressed to me the deep meaning they have derived from particular hymns and anthems that they have learned. The music provides them with a vocabulary of words and music that express to them the love of God and His care for them.

“I remember a young mother who requested a particular anthem she had learned as a child for the memorial service of her own child. For 20 years she had lived with these words, and in her intense grief they meant more to her than any scripture passage. I firmly believe that words set to music have more impact on the human heart than those merely read or spoken aloud. So, particular care is taken to plan worship services so that the music is complimentary to the scripture lessons and the liturgical year.

“In singing for worship we strive to give our best to God, for he is our audience. We are trusted with this great responsibility: it is our hope that in our striving there is praise.”

I would that all the arts, and music in particular, be used in the service of God who hath given and created them — Martin Luther