CODEP (the Comprehensive Development Project) is a sustainable agriculture development project which has existed for 23 years near Léogâne, Haiti, 23 miles west of Port-au-Prince.   Originally started by our congregation who had this vision over 25 years ago, the ministry has seen remarkable growth and is now supported by congregations (of several denominations), presbyteries, foundations and agencies across the U.S.A., and eventually a validated ministry of our New Hope Presbytery.

This short video describes CODEP, it achievements, and its plans for the future:

Through CODEP, we are succeeding at improving nutrition and personal health of the population, while engaging the Haitians in the work of environmental reclamation, reforestation, and agro-forestry techniques to prevent further erosion, create soil, and teach farmers how to plant fruit trees, coffee, and gardens. A community-based approach, CODEP currently has 30 working communities with over 500 Haitian people working to improve their lives through farming, education, leadership development and entrepreneurial skills development.

Through Haiti Fund, Inc., we have begun several schools where Bible is central to the curriculum, while working in cooperation with the Episcopal Diocese of the country for Christian Worship. Nearly a dozen mission trips by youth and adults in our congregation have gone there to work.

The work of Haiti Fund, Inc./CODEP has received the praise of the Haitian Government who have expressly desired our further expansion in our current location and consideration of doing the same throughout the entire country.

 For more information. Visit www.haitifundinc.org .